An Interactive e-Learning Experience

Values of a Traditional Classroom

Built by Smartis Tutoring Network, a local Canadian tutoring company, we bring the same in-person tutoring experience for students virtually by providing educational resources that are used in a normal face-to-face tutoring session.

An Integrated Platform

Instead of building each e-learning tool from scratch, we rely on our top IT partners to ensure a reliable experience for our tutors and students. Some of the technologies we use include Microsoft Skype, Zoom and Google Classroom.

Qualified Tutors

Unlike other online tutoring platforms, tutors associated with TutoringClassroom are recruited by Smartis Tutoring Network. Each tutor is screened and assessed by our educational recruiters. This is either done in person or over a video call. Tutors must be able to show their teaching ability before they are able to join Smartis Tutoring Network.

Canadian owned and operated

We are not an online company that allows tutors to register from any parts of the world and charge them a service fee for each lesson. Instead, we put tremendous efforts into recruiting well qualified tutors from Canadian post-secondary institutions.